Wednesday, April 22, 2015


On Sunday, I was watching my mates play Parala. It was really boring to watch because I don't understand the game. I saw my neighbor's kids playing around. I called them and ask them to model for me. They happily agreed. It took me 5 minutes to take pictures and another 5 minutes to process them. This is my first time shooting children. Next time, I will try to come up with better images with better ideas. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Let me admit that I am a failed blogger. I am not bothered about other’s opinion, but I realized that I have failed myself to keep up with my resolution to read and write. I gave up blogging (writing) because I couldn’t write proper sentences to express my thoughts. Everyday, thousands of thoughts and emotions run through my mind. At times, when the flash of thought strikes my mind, I do manage to write it down so that I can write about it later. But I get bored, lazy and demotivated by my won style of writing, so all my thought goes into my mental junkyard.

Anyways I came to a conclusion that writing is not my thing. Actually It was never my thing. It’s painful that I realized it and I had to let go my passion. But I still enjoy reading. And I have left many books incomplete. I need to start over and invest my time on books.

I am not any more insecure about writing because I have found photography as a substitute to it. And the inner voice in my head says that photography is my thing, that I have a photographic vision and perspective. I get happiness and comfort when I see the world through the lens. It makes me different person. Strips me off all those humane judgmental traits.  With my naked eye, I have promised my soul to see the world as vivid and natural as it is, and then paint some images with the light and composition.

Now that I have learned and practiced all technical basics of camera operation, I am into an advanced settings and still looking for my own style. I am reading a lot on photography and the works of great photographers. I am also watching videos, tutorials, and webinars of people starting from national geographic photographers to independent photography experts. So far, I have been doing all of these with whatever limited time I have. Now it’s high time for me to practice- go to the field and encounter the real world subjects. For that matter I am going to use only one lens, ie 50mm prime lens. It’s a fixed focal length lens. You can’t zoom, so you have to use your feet to zoom. You have to get close, bend down, and get on top, change angle etc to get good shot. Well that’s what I learned from the experts. It’s the best way to practice your perspective and develop photographic eye.

I know that this lens will give limited options to capture your subject compared to telephoto lens. But the lessons learned will be immeasurable.  For that matter, I have taken a bold step to use this lens as my main lens when I get to Bhutan. The beauty of our country cannot be captured with any lens. And it would be even harder with fixed focal lens.  But I will take challenge to see how much I can get with this cheap plastic lens.  I might regret later for not using a quality lens for my precious time in Bhutan. However I would prefer taking risk and giving a go for the sake of learning and lil bit of adventure. Moreover, I do not have enough time like tourists to visit places and take pictures. I have to take my parents for pilgrimage and medical treatment. Lets see how it goes when I get home on 4th of May.

I am really excited. Keeping my finger crossed that my journey would be swift and safe. I am more excited and eager to smell those pristine wild flowers and breath fresh air. Drink natural mountain water, and take a hot stone bath in a wooden tub. With very limited time, I may not be able to do what I like but my heart will definitely beat faster in excitement of being home, and my spirit will be rejuvenated.  No Doubt about it mate!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

City of Perth at night

My life is getting pretty much mechanized. From home to work, and work to home. At least, weekends are better. I meet friends over soccer and then go for booze. Other than that, nothing much is happening. Not because I don’t have enough time, I have lots of free time, but I have lost all those interest of urban life style, visiting nightclub, going to beach, travelling etc.

Probably I am missing home badly. Probably I am missing serene maize field at the backyard of my home. Or I may be missing Druk 11000 with Shakam Ezay, and those mundane and meaningless chitchats in the corner of a local bar. Being a foreigner, its hard to find peace and happiness, no matter what car you drive or how much money you mint. At the end, it’s up to an individual to decide what constitutes their happiness. For me, I have set a clear goal. Few more years of laboring to gain lil financial independence, and then I am off to pursue my goal (which can’t be disclosed here).

Any ways, in midst of low feelings, and high intensity work, I managed to take some photos.  Please enjoy below.

And for my expedition home, I am bringing an extra 32 GB memory for my baby Canon.  You only know the beauty and distinctive sacredness of your country when you are in some foreign land.