Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


On the way to Paro

I love Paro. I have a thousand reasons for that. Won’t write it all here. It will be too long and boring. I visited Paro only few times, never lived there. The last time I visited, I made few images. I did not have enough time to visit Taktsang. This will be my greatest regret of the year. Next time, I am going to stay for longer duration and get soaked into Paro. And I will try to feel the beauty of Paro and make images. If Bhutan were a landscape, I would say that Paro would be the main focal point, the subject of an art. My dream is to settle there one day, somewhere in the middle of a forest, near Taktsang.

Will try to be short and write randomly why I am mad about Paro.

World heritage site (well at least for me) the Tiger’s nest is in Paro. Can you imagine that Guru rode a flying tigress ? Gezz, my hair rises. Buddhism was alive and bursting that time. People were fortunate, and even now, people of Paro valley are content with bountiful wealth and well-being.

Great Masters visited Paro. The list is endless. Legendary 69th Jekhenpo was born in a cave at Taktsang. How marvelous and auspicious. No doubt, people of Paro are blessed.

Landscape. For me, 99.9 % of Paro valley is beautiful. Everywhere I look, all the elements of Paro valley are composed naturally. it blows my mind. No photography would do justice to showcase the beauty of Paro.

Climate. It is warmer than Bumthang and cooler than Phuntsholing. An ideal climate for me.

Population. Less population= more space, more peace.

Airport. Gateway of Bhutan to the world.

People. To me, people from Paro are pretty good looking, bold and brave. 

Proximity. Less than an hour to Thimphu and few hours towards Pling, and few hours to Bangkok and Bumthang.

One of the main reasons is, Buddha Dharma is so alive in Paro. Many great masters left legacies in Paro. Starting from Guru to late Jekhenpo. Many masters discovered hidden treasures from Taktsang. When Paro comes to my mind, Dharma comes along with it, and the little soft spot in my heart starts pulsating and longing for Dharma. If I ever practice Dharma, it would be in Paro!

Rinpung Dzong, Zhabdrung's Legacy. 

Musturd and sweer scene of Rinpung and Paro valley. 

Boy. Sharba, Paro. 

Boy 2, Shaba Paro

Boy 3 Shabaa, Paro. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The monk with an ipad.

This picture sums up my intentions. It reflects me. In future, I want to practice serious Dharma, may not be a monk, but the monk's robe signifies Dharma. While I wish and long to practice Dharma, I will embrace technology to grow and learn, to communicate and connect with people and society. Moreover, I might use the medium of photography to share my experiences and journey. While all of these are my future plans and some sort of active laziness to justify my guilt of not practicing Dharma, I am firm and certain that my heart longs to explore the path of the wise, kind and brave.