Saturday, August 30, 2014

Goal setting

I like setting goals and challenges. It keeps me focused and on track. I can review my daily tasks and know where I am heading to. Goals can be anything- from financial to personal goals. There is no fixed time frame. It could be 3 days to 20 years. But Hal Elrod, my favorite self-development speaker, categorizes goals into three: MIG- Most important goal, MIT- most important task, MIUT- Most important and urgent tasks. I will write more on thus next time.
My MIG for this year is physical health. A sound body is the foundation for sound mind. I read several health tips journals and customized some into my life. Thus, my draft plan and to do list for next 12 months are;

Goal- Reduce 12 pounds in 12 months. 1 pound every month. Get toned, lean, and fit.
70 % focus on diet and 30 % on exercise. Research has proved that diet works more efficiently than exercise, and combination of two works best.

* Always watch portion of food
* Eat slowly- human brain needs time to read message whether you are full or not. 
* Drink plenty of water upon waking up, 30 minutes before and after meal. (1.5 litter in a day)
* Eat fruits before meal- especially banana. No fruits defeats banana. I like the shape too.
* No alcohol at all. May be one-two standard drinks in a month.
* No cigarettes.
* No cookies, chocolate, biscuit.
* No coke, soda.
* No noodles, only once in a week
* Never miss breakfast
* No rice for dinner
* Less oil and table salt (Olive oil) 
* Eat more green veggies, chicken, red meat, egg and grains

* Exercise; brisk walk for 15 minutes daily
* Run 20 mins thrice in a week.
* 7 minutes exercise twice a week
* Lift light weight
* Minimum 7 hours of sleep.
* Short cardio, push up, sit up, bench press.
* 30 mins basketball on Sundays.

So, I do daily affirmation and set up strong determination to follow these guidelines, visualizing myself with healthy body weight, fit and stronger. Health is the greatest gift, said Buddha

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I used to hate poetry. I never read poems in schools, and I never followed poetry blogs. Now, I am starting to get the rhythm and beauty of poem. Though some poems are as hard as rocket science to understand. I like short and simple verses. Plain and precise.

One of my course mates in college used to write lots of poems. One time he even won an open poetry competition. I read his draft before he submitted for the competition. I didn't like his poem for no reason. But when I knew that his work won an open national competition, I felt ashamed. later, he even co-authored a poetry booklet.  Still then, I was adamant to accept how powerful and beautiful poems can be.

I like some forms of poems, especially free verse and cinquain poems. Though cinquain is taught in year 6-7 in Schools here, I never heard of these poems, but I was excited to know that I was already writing these forms accidentally once in a blue moon. Now I will try to stick with these forms and hammer my phrases. My first trail. Hope this interest stays bit longer.

Paper, Power
Buying, selling, saving
Quest of all greed

Woman, partner
Courting, living, loving
Becomes more than blood

Dear Mom,

We just talked yesterday, but it seems like eons ago. Every time I hear that you and dad are doing fine, I feel relieved and happy.

Thanks to Mobile phone, we can talk anytime. But I can’t see you and my sight is longing for you. Last time kota Ugyen had posted few pictures on Facebook, and my heart sunk seeing you aged so quick.

Just few years back, when I used to come home after my college break, you used to ask about wrinkles around your eyes. I used to say that you still looked beautiful and young. And I would say the same when I come back home.

I know it’s hard for you and ever hard working dad to live away from five children, all lost in their own surreal dreams. I know it’s really annoying and hard to baby sit after 21 years. Sister told me that she is planning to bring her son with them.

Words are not enough to describe you. I won’t dare to do that. I know I would do injustice by trying to label and describe you. But this time, to ease this inner itching sensation and to feed my wannabe writer ego, let me attempt one.

There is no god greater than you, my mother. And you are the epitome and embodiment of love.”

I believe every sons and daughters, no matter how far they are, feel the same for their parents. PS: Same for Dad. Miss you guys. There is nothing more I can say, just take care of yourself, and pray for Tripple Gem. Your prodigal son will come back soon as a better man and never leave you again. 

With gratitude and love,