Monday, January 12, 2015

His Eminence Sungtrul Rinpoche in Perth

Bhutan's culture and tradition shines in Australia. For two days, I felt like I was in Bhutan. I would like to rejoice and make a wish that His Eminence Sungtrul Rinpoche returns to Perth in future. Apart from precious Dharma reminders, lessons, transmissions and all, it was a perfect opportunity to reflect on who we are, and where we root from. Enjoy some photos.

Rinpoche giving teaching and oral transmission. 

                                                                     ipad Monk

Gho and iphones 

                                                    Waiting for Rinpoche
                                                           Bhutanese women dancing
                                                           Rinpoche and rest enjoying the dance
                                                         Regsel Dance
                                                     Children dancing
                                                          Welcome Dance

                                              Being Bhutanese is beautiful

Monday, January 5, 2015

Lake Monger

These images are shot at Lake Monger. I like this place a lot. It is just a couple minutes drive from my place. Many Bhutanese children studies at Lake Monger School. And the name- Monger makes me nostalgic. Many Bhutanese share a common sense of belongingness to this place, which offers several facilities like Soccer arena, walking and biking footpath, bird watching, basketball court, and a nice park. This Saturday, Lake Monger will be blessed along with many Bhutanese when Eminence Sungtruel Rinpoche will preside religious discourse and wang( Blessing). I am excited and looking forward to pay my respects and deepen devotion to great masters, who are as rare as precious jewel, especially in foreign land. I will try to capture some moments of Rinpoche if organisers allow to photograph. Otherwise, I am more than happy to sit and concentrate on precious teachings and sharpen my mind towards the reminder and preciousness of guru's blessing. Until then, enjoy some of my novice landscape shots. 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Summer is extremely hot here. Yesterday it was around 30 degree during daytime, but evening was quite cool. So I grabbed a beer, picked up my gear and went to shoot some seascape. It was a wonderful west coast sunset drive, with wind over my face and radio in the background.
By the time I arrived there, golden hour was gone. The light was dim and I had to go for long exposure shot with the help of tripod.