Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Herdsman lake excursion

I like to be alone and spend time with nature. Every weekend I try to visit different parks and wildlife reserves. After week long work, those birds, animals and dancing trees gives me happiness. These are few photos I took around Herdsman Reserve, one of my favorite spots for walking, biking, shooting, and contemplating. Next time I will try do better and share wildlife photos. Until then have a great time, and keep visiting my blog.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Leerderville Carnival, Western Australia.

People and food, entertainment and event photography. Few things I learned;

1. Be confident to take pictures candidly. Telephoto lens would do the job, but shooting from close distance would give more stunning results with vivid characters and stories. For this, we, as a aspiring photographer, and as a beginner must learn to be brave and shoot confidently or approach people skillfully.

2. Need wide angle lens for wider view. I had mine in my backpack, but couldn't use at all. I was nervous and couldn't stabilize myself to think creatively, compose and shoot. It was more of a random shots, fired without much thinking and visualization. Can't help this being first timer at street carnival of more than 100K people full of colors and characters. 

3. Need high aperture lens, especially when the light gets darker. Its difficult to shoot without tripod when the slow shutter speed is needed for better expose. And tripod is not very comfortable to carry with in such crowd and it often gets into way. 

4. No time to fiddle camera dials. Better shoot in P mode, RAW or master Aperture propriety, where you choose depth of field, and camera chooses shutter speed. I feel Av mode is much faster than Manual mode.