Friday, July 11, 2014

The Cleaner

I work with a 63 year old Aussie man. We perform same duty- cleaning. While I work for 5 hours, he works for 7.5 hours. When I first joined this work, the contract manager showed me around the facilities that needs to be cleaned on daily and weekly basis. Then he introduced me to my work mate.
“Dawa, this is Laurie. You will be working with him. Should there be any problem, ask him.”
“You will be fine.” Said Laurie, and that made me comfortable from the moment I met him.
Now we have been working together for more than four months. We have developed into a good team- when he goes to buy his lunch, I substitute him, and when I run late for work he saves me from trouble.
Well it is extremely hard to make friends in a country where everyone is busy or at least acts so. I have worked in different places- from warehouse to retail giant like Coles, but on personal level, Laurie is the only person whom I can share my frustrations and jubilations with. He is my second non-Bhutanese mate. First one, known by an initial MJ was bit messy. And this is my first time being friend with a man of 63.
This man is a gem. He comes with full package of wisdom and experiences- mostly bitter experiences that made him strong and resilient to many harsh surprises of life.
One fine afternoon, out of curiosity I asked him.
“For how many years have you been cleaning?”
“Oh…I can’t remember, may be more than 30 years.”
It was strange to know someone- especially native Australian citizen doing an odd job. In my 9 months stay, I have discovered that immigrants are Ninjas in performing any kind of odd jobs.     
“Wow! You are a legend. I have been doing this for months and I already thought of quitting,” I said.
 “Don’t do it. Arrange something before you quit.” He said.
“I have an interview next week,” I said.
“Well good luck!”

I have this bad habit of changing the tone and topic of conversation abruptly. This time I asked. “In your 60 something years of life, you might have learned many lessons, so what would be your one-sentence advice to me?”

“Don't trust anyone.”

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Finally....after weeks of laboring and boredom, my soul sits on a victory stand, completely satisfied having completed my first travel in Australia. We drove more than 200Ks to Pinnacle Desert. I am more happy that I didn't spend my precious weekend lazing in front of a computer screen. 
The Pinnacle Desert is mainly composed of Pinnacles, a series of limestone formed over the years. The yellowish sand dunes treats photographers with perfect foreground. This landscape is also a popular tourist spot in Western Australia.
I expected a massive desert- something like deserts from Nat Geo channel, but disappointed seeing this tiny one- with shrubs all around. It was beautiful though.
I REALIZED that I should travel more from henceforth. There are lots of exciting things to be explored. I also realized that I should have traveled more in Bhutan. Those mystic places in our country are really gifts and cannot be compared to any other places I have been to.
We take many things for granted when we have in abundance. The value of leisure time and breathtaking landscapes in our country is worth more than 250 USD/day. It is truly a place to connect your soul with happiness. And happiness doesn't come with price tag.
My Suggestion- please travel when you have time and energy, especially if you can travel with low budget. Our travel cost was not more than 60 dollars (split among 4) and packed lunches. We ate by road side, and Aussies were amazed at our Bhutanese way of picnic and I am amazed with their way of walking barefoot on road and in shopping malls. I am not saying Bhutan is better in many ways, yet my heart longs for home everyday. 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Blogging on blogging

It has been a long time since I last blogged. Blogging is no more fun when you have limited time and energy. However, I decided not to give up. After all I am blogging for myself. To redeem and reassure that there is something more than work and money, that small amount of time spent on blogging will reap great joy and satisfaction. I have changed the title of my blog (not first time), and for that matter, I will blog randomly on any matter for memories- good or bad. Other reason is to upload pictures as a part of online archive to keep my interest in photography alive. As you would have noticed, I write poorly and make lots of errors. There won't be any improvement since I would be writing unconscientiously.

I think the reasons for many bloggers becoming inactive and stagnant could be;

* Lack of time. Getting too busy and being caught up with urgent and impending works. Being busy doesn't mean it’s always fruitful. Few minutes of time dedicated to blogging is not so difficult.

*Family commitments. There is no point blogging without a goal and for free when you have to look after your family's priority. Yes families are important but blogging is a great way to reaffirm your love for the family and to learn more about family ties by following other bloggers writing on family relationships. 

* Distance. When a person moves to new places, they lose track to blog or internet service is not accessible. It’s important to settle down first, and it takes time. But writing down your piece in the note book and blogging when you get access to internet may give birth to another great story of the world. 

* Change. Every day, every moment, everything changes. So does your passion and interest in blogging. So change your current state of change and get back to previous state of blogging.

* Insecurities- When you compare yourself with others or when you set a label, you build a bar to limit your wings of blogging capacity. Be yourself, everybody is taken.

* Lack of creativity - everyone has a story to tell. But the lack of creative juice will drain your energy to write. Creativity is absurd. Read more, and think more. What you think that is not creative could be another genius innovation or the wittiest story ever.

* Negativity- Thinking that blogging won't pay you, or it is a waste of time is dangerous. Money can't buy everything. So blogging is an expensive pursuit. It’s a good investment of time. It will pay you one day with fulfillment and joy which money can’t buy.

* Lack of activities/ dramas- everyone cannot be philosophers or critics. So engage more, travel more. Create more plot and conflict. Weave more stories in your day to day life.

What are your reasons for not blogging often and what are your suggestions? 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Letter to god

I wrote this one early morning when my head nearly busted due to hangover. Boy, it was the worst hangover ever. But, this sickness reminded me of death. And this letter is a confession and an off-shoot of fear projected from death. I am a sinner. Money and sex clouds my judgement, but the eternal and truest motive in life is to prepare for death. Just scared that time is limited. Dunno when my time would come circling around my neck like a thunder. 

Dear god,

I have impending promises to serve you. Actually I wanted to serve myself. In this light, I am looking for an excuse, and I am seeking you for that.

If you exist, please confront me. I am not a coward. I know that you are in me, and in my mind, but externality expresses more than inner divinity to an immature mind like mine.

Where are you?

I have been seeking you and I will continue to do so until I breathe the last. If you want to come in front of me, come as virtues. Open my eyes, and teach me compassion. Make me cry and teach me to be kind to all beings, and treat them as my own parents. Teach me trust. Teach me faithfulness. Teach me contentment. Teach me the meaning of life and death too.

Today, I am a helpless subject of my own making. Overdose of desire and barrage of ignorance is killing the little seed of wisdom left in me. If you can save me, save my ignorant and wandering mind. I beg you to please confront me and guide me towards mindfulness. I wanna live; for mindfulness, and for sentient beings. You see god, I said I am not coward. I wanna struggle to surpass all hurdles; all naked women, all good foods, all monkey thoughts, and come to a stable mind. Will you help me in this? Am I asking you too much?

Help me! I know samsara. Now teach me Nirvana. I know that I have to seek my own path. Why, the force of Karma is following us like a shadow.

But if you can, please at least kick me to goodness. Push me to contentment. Knock me down to humbleness. Cut my egos. Crush my desires. Stitch my foul speech. Scare me about death every day. Clear my mind, I beg you to help me reach clear light in whatever insane ways possible.

writing tips

I am no writer. I don't pretend to be one. Gosh! I wish I was. But writing is a process of life long struggle. And I am just a baby in this journey. In an attempt to show off and revive my interest in writing, I came across these. I kept them close to my heart, but hardly used it. Why, I lacked practicality. Now, I am just sharing for readers and for fun. Hope this won't hurt even if it is bullshit. But for me, I would consider this the bible of writing after reading loads on it.

 1. Plan
2. Topic sentence
3. Concise
4. accuracy
5. avoid redundancy
6. Clarity; Simple and short sentence
7. Humor, Interesting and voice

Subject + Verb
Passive Voice

* “No drawing should have unnecessary lines, no machine should have unnecessary parts, and no sentence should have unnecessary words.” William Strunk.

* Stephen King: “To write is human, to rewrite is divine.”
  Kill adverbs and adjectives. Rewrite and edit ruthlessly. Cut 30        percent of original.

* Read every day, and write every day.

*Vocabulary on top shelf (That you will learn as you go on reading)

*Grammar on second shelf (Grab a grammar book and start learning. It won’t be much problem, and it’s never too late to learn. If you don’t know the rules, you are too late)

* Elements of style (Study thoroughly, and apply every time. Make it the bible of writing)

* And polish all necessary tools that would be rusted.

* Read, Read, Read. Write, write, and write.

* Read Stephen King’s On Writing again and again. Mark the page. 
* Take notes, and apply practically.
* Imitate Hemingway’s style (Google up: How to write like a *    Hemingway. Take notes and apply it)
Especially his Ice Berg Theory.