Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I used to hate poetry. I never read poems in schools, and I never followed poetry blogs. Now, I am starting to get the rhythm and beauty of poem. Though some poems are as hard as rocket science to understand. I like short and simple verses. Plain and precise.

One of my course mates in college used to write lots of poems. One time he even won an open poetry competition. I read his draft before he submitted for the competition. I didn't like his poem for no reason. But when I knew that his work won an open national competition, I felt ashamed. later, he even co-authored a poetry booklet.  Still then, I was adamant to accept how powerful and beautiful poems can be.

I like some forms of poems, especially free verse and cinquain poems. Though cinquain is taught in year 6-7 in Schools here, I never heard of these poems, but I was excited to know that I was already writing these forms accidentally once in a blue moon. Now I will try to stick with these forms and hammer my phrases. My first trail. Hope this interest stays bit longer.

Paper, Power
Buying, selling, saving
Quest of all greed

Woman, partner
Courting, living, loving
Becomes more than blood

Dear Mom,

We just talked yesterday, but it seems like eons ago. Every time I hear that you and dad are doing fine, I feel relieved and happy.

Thanks to Mobile phone, we can talk anytime. But I can’t see you and my sight is longing for you. Last time kota Ugyen had posted few pictures on Facebook, and my heart sunk seeing you aged so quick.

Just few years back, when I used to come home after my college break, you used to ask about wrinkles around your eyes. I used to say that you still looked beautiful and young. And I would say the same when I come back home.

I know it’s hard for you and ever hard working dad to live away from five children, all lost in their own surreal dreams. I know it’s really annoying and hard to baby sit after 21 years. Sister told me that she is planning to bring her son with them.

Words are not enough to describe you. I won’t dare to do that. I know I would do injustice by trying to label and describe you. But this time, to ease this inner itching sensation and to feed my wannabe writer ego, let me attempt one.

There is no god greater than you, my mother. And you are the epitome and embodiment of love.”

I believe every sons and daughters, no matter how far they are, feel the same for their parents. PS: Same for Dad. Miss you guys. There is nothing more I can say, just take care of yourself, and pray for Tripple Gem. Your prodigal son will come back soon as a better man and never leave you again. 

With gratitude and love,


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

OZ dream and reality?

When I landed in Malaysia, I was excited to try Malaysian cigarette and cuisine. I went around looking for cozy restaurants. I chose Malay-Indian restaurant. The menu looked yummy. My mouth became watery instantly. I wasted no time and ordered a big meal- rice with chicken curry. I had 20 dollar change, which equals few hundreds Baht. Having arrived from Bangkok, I thought food in Malaysia would be as cheap as Bangkok. The menu confirmed it. My meal was priced at 40 Ringgit. Like 40 Baht, 40 Ringgit was not an issue to me. But when I learned that 40 Ringgit was more than 400 Baht, I nearly threw the left over spicy food at that bald chef. This was my first experience of currency value issues. I can’t imagine why different currencies have different values in different countries. I am that bad in Economics.

Living here, I go nuts comparing Aussie Dollar with Nu. Though I toil like a mediaeval slave to earn little dollar with whatever energy I have, the value of dollar here is valueless. I have stopped multiplying when I buy any items. When in Roman, be Roman. When in OZ, I got to be like them. There is no option. So, for people who are planning to come here to study and work, I warn you- Australian dream might be a nightmare to some, especially if your determination is not as hard as rock.

1. It depends from individual to individual, the kind of job you do, your body resistance level. Probably you won’t be able to earn more than 800$ in a week. I don’t.

2. But you pay 60 plus dollar weekly for fuel, minimum 330 for rent, 50 for groceries, 50 for miscellaneous. 20$ monthly for car insurance, 60$ monthly for mobile, 60 for internet, 250 for water, gas, and electricity every three month. And 10,000 $ every six months for University fees. Forget car maintenance. Since you would be driving second hand car, which is bound to break down, the Mechanical cost will damage you. I paid 400 $ for 2 hours work.

3. If you get sick, your student health insurance doesn't cover anything. Do not think you wont get sick. You are not a robot. To see a doctor, literally to talk with him, its 75$. If prescribed medication or further treatment, you are robbed. To put braces, I heard its 8000$. I nearly fainted. And to fill your teeth, you have to clean hell lots of toilets. To have safe sex, half a dozen of condom is only 15$. How fortunate Bhutanese are. If you didn't get this, you are dumb as donkey.

4. Driving at 80-100 km per hour is thrilling. But if you are caught breaking traffic rules, unlike your Dasho Uncle's help back home, even the governor can’t help here. For not wearing seat belt, its 500$ and for over speeding, its 150 and above. And drink driving may land you up in  court and jail.

5. If you drink wine and if you like omelet, its good news. Eggs and wines are cheap, and I don’t know what could be the funniest reason. Though there are some wine worth lakhs of Nu.

6. But if you smoke, you are not cool anymore. The government levy extremely high taxes on tobacco product and its monitored exceptionally well. If you are a chain smoker, you might have to spend more than your car’s fuel and weekly food. How gross!

Be prepared. If my dear readers know anybody who is trying to come here, yours truly is happy to provide relevant and smart information. Trust me, I am a victim, and I have learned few tricks to dodge these pangs of Aussie living expenses.